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Velvet Underground

508 Queen St. West Toronto M5V 1W4 Ontario Canada

Bar, Dance Club

Great Toronto Night Club

Go for the '80s, new rock and retro music, or for the lush lounge atmosphere with your friends. If you can't sit still and don't quite feel like dancing, you can always just shoot a game or two of pool. Velvet Underground has presented a vast and diverse array of events, showcasing Canadian musical talent, such as the CD Release Party of Jagged Little Pill which launched the career of Alanis Morissette.

There's a real range of types in the crowd at Velvet Underground, from university preps, to the older crowd reveling in hearing the music of their youth. As a nice change from the clubs of the Clubland part of town, you won't have to pay a cover charge for a night of dancing.
(416) 504-6688
508 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON, Canada
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